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Loeffler Photography


Our memories are the only paradise from which we can never be expelled.

- Jean Paul


Time flies and how fast do we forget… The unique smell, the little sounds they make in the middle of the night, the long hours awake staring in awe at their tiny hands and feet, those beautiful lips, their cute nose and ears.

Here is your chance to hold on to a few of those feelings and emotions forever.

Photographs will make your memories last a lifetime.


As I am a mother myself, I have gone through all the emotions of childbirth, the first overwhelming hours, days and weeks, too. Everything is new, everything flies by and the last thing young parents think about is capturing the beauty happening in right in front of them. As I know just as well, leaving the house as a brand new mother and farther during the first few days after your little miracle has entered the world, seems to be a mountain too high to climb. This is why I offer you an unforgettable experience in a comfortable and secure space - your home!


I will photograph your newborn at your home - adjusting to the baby’s and your needs. I will bring along my portable equipment that is optimised for such occasion.


The best time for such a newborn photo shooting are the first 11 days after birth as the little human still holds its wrinkled and crusty skin as well as this unique “fresh” look.


Please choose your desired shooting-package and contact me to book your home-shooting appointment ahead of time so I can make sure to capture your most precious memories.

If you wish I can also come to the hospital.

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